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Las Fallas 2020: The most important festivities in Valencia

Las Fallas 2020: The most important festivities in Valencia

The city every year prepares to celebrate the most important festivity in Valencia, Las Fallas, has been celebrated since 1927. It is a tradition and the best thing is that Valencia receives thousands of tourists and our Boutique Apartments are located in the best places in Valencia, in the historic center and in the center of the city, for the ease of our guests so they can enjoy Las Fallas 2020.

Our tourist and vacation rental apartments in Valencia have a convenient location in Ciutat Vella and in neighborhoods where the most beautiful Monuments in the city are held.

The Mascletaes start from March 1, 2020 and will end on March 19, as every year, in the Town Hall Square. Where every day a pyrotechnic artist will elaborate a Mascléta, it is an art of colors, rhythmic, explosion and noise. The 2020 Fallas will feature 3 night Mascletaes in the Town Hall Square, on March 07, 13 and 14 at 24 hours. Named Tomás, Valenciana and Mediterranean calls.

The Castles in La Alameda where the dark sky is illuminated with fireworks, will take place on March 16 at 24h, March 17 at 1h and March 18 at 1: 30h.

The offering of flowers for the Patroness of Valencia, the Virgin de los Desamparados. Is one of the most beautiful activities that takes place on March 17 and 18, with a ceremony in La Plaza de la Virgen.

The Fallas is the most!

The Fallas are a cultural heritage, a tradition and it is important to preserve traditions that provide welfare to society and give life to the city. In addition to being a tourist reference. Valencia without Fallas would not be the same.

End with the Cremá, where all the monuments are consumed by fire. In the art of making these monuments they also take into account the way to be done so that it burns completely and also is done in a good way.

People watching this heat show, where it goes on for hours, depends on Falla Street. The last to be burned is that of the Town Hall Square. And of course the best Fallero Monument takes the winning prize.

Throughout the year, the Falleros and fans are thinking about the most important party in Valencia and thus make it better every year.



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